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Caye Coffee Roasting Company is dedicated to providing fresh-roasted, great-tasting coffee to our customers.

We only use high elevation Arabica beans which provides us with the capability of roasting a full-bodied, flavor-filled coffee product.

All of our roasts come in 1lb. (16oz) packages and in both ground or whole bean format.

Our aim is consistency, great taste and a quality cup of coffee.

Back Street Bold Roast

Back Street-BoldBlend-CayeCoffeeNot for the faint of heart!

Back Street Bold Blend delivers the kick that the bold coffee lover is looking for while retaining that deep flavour that bold drinkers require.

This blend would kick-start the day for those fishermen who are out early, catching our dinner. Back Street bold with nice liquor after dinner would cap off any dining experience.

We grind this roast a little finer which gives it an 'espresso' style consistency. Deep, dark, rich-flavoured coffee that will keep you coming back for more!

Middle Street Medium Blend

CayeCoffee-MiddleStreet-Medium Roast CoffeeMiddle Street in San Pedro is the hustle and bustle core business area of town. Our Medium blend is a combination of our Front Street and Backstreet roasts, blended to capture that full coffee taste with a slightly bold bite at the end.

Middle Street Medium has more body than the lighter Front Street roast, yet, it still delivers that great flavour as you make your way through the day. We like this blend over ice as well!!!

Front Street Breakfast Roast

As you stroll along Front Street in San Pedro, there are several great breakfast spots that allow you to watch the incredible sunrise over the horizon.

Front Street-Breakfast Blend-Caye CoffeeOur Breakfast Blend compliments those incredible views with a smooth and aromatic cup that says it's time to start the day off right.

Front Street Breakfast Blend is our lightest roast that is packed with full coffee flavor and enhances the whole experience of an early morning on the beach in San Pedro.


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